GCE Results 2017

A level Attainment
% of students who achieved three GCE A levels at grades AAB or higher, with two in facilitating subjects 18%
Number of students included in best three A levels measure 38
Average points per entry in best three A levels expressed as a grade  B-
Average point score per entry in best three A levels (new point system) 37.6
Value Added (measure of progress made from KS4 to KS5) +0.13

*The table shows the results of students who were examined in the summer of 2017 only

Sixth Form Value Added Figures for 2016/2017 as supplied by the Department of Education
A level
Value added score 0.09
Number of A level entries 206
Value added score 0.10
Number of academic entries 207
Applied General
Value added score 0.38
Number of applied general entries 23


A level performance at the end of 16 to 18 in 2017