An update for Year 11 & 13 students on Examination Certification.

27th March 2020

An update for Year 11 & 13 students on Examination Certification.
• Exam boards and Ofqual, together with teachers’ representatives, will agree a consistent approach to how final grades are calculated.
• They will ask teachers to tell exam boards the grades they think students would have achieved had they had sat exams.
• Teachers can take into account evidence such as mock exams and non-exam assessment.
• Exam boards and Ofqual will then use data, such as prior attainment, to decide on a final calculated grade through an adjustment process.
• We anticipate there will be an announcement from Ofqual next week, providing greater detail. We will update students and families again when this has been communicated to us.
We are advising that you continue to complete the activities set by your teachers in ‘foldr’ until Friday 3rd of April
Although this independent study will not affect your final grades, we feel that you should continue to develop the appropriate foundational knowledge in each of your subjects so that you can progress to the next stage in your education and careers.
Your teachers have provided you with enough independent study to cover the requirements of knowledge, content and skills for the completion of each subject and course. Please continue to learn and develop your understanding, particularly focusing on parts of the courses that you know were areas for development.
For year 11 students, further guidance about bridging units to post-16 courses will be available on our school website after the Easter holidays. Additionally, in order to effectively access the bridging units of the subjects that you would like to study post-16, it is essential that you complete the work set by your BTEC and GCSE teachers, finishing the course independently and using resources and materials available to you in ‘foldr.’
BTEC work should still be being completed at home as directed by your teachers.