Curriculum Overarching Intent

The aim of the psychology curriculum is to equip students with the appropriate knowledge, skills and vocabulary needed to be able to understand and explain the causes of human behaviour. In addition to this, the psychology curriculum will enable our learners to value the importance of psychological research and the real world impact such research can have in every day life.  Students will understand underlying psychological principles and apply them in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar contexts and develop evaluative skills in order to think analytically and reach logical conclusions based on scientific evidence and reasoning. In addition to this, our students will be organised, be encouraged to think independently, work collaboratively when engaging in all lessons and to play an active role in whole class debates.  They will enjoy challenge, develop resilience when faced with psychological questions and have a clear understanding of the core concepts and be able to use this knowledge to apply it to a wide range of situations.

Psychology Curriculum Overview & Progression Model