Key Stage 4

Our Vision and Values

Our college is a Christian community where respect and cooperation are reflected in everything we do. We strive to achieve excellence and overcome challenges through mutual respect and consideration, underpinned by Gospel values and the example of Christ.

Our KS4 Curriculum

St Wilfrid’s has a knowledge rich, rigorous, broad and balanced curriculum that is sequenced in a progression model, to ensure that learning develops over time and at the right time. As architects of the curriculum, staff have created a curriculum that is rational, forward-thinking and rooted in evidence led principles. We have a transparent curriculum that is shared frequently with our students and parents, so that they are knowledgeable about their learning journey and they feel empowered by this.


Study and Revision Support Guide

St Wilfrid’s RC College KS4 Curriculum


Knowledge organiser KS4 DT Y10-11 Mod 1-6

Knowledge organiser KS4 ENGG QA Y10-11 Mod 1-6

Year 10

Year 10 HSC Component 1 Module 1

Year 10 Knowledge Organisers Combined 2021-22

Year 10 Maths Combined M1 KOs

Yr 10 BTEC Tech in Enterprise C2 Module 1

Yr 10 BTEC Tech in Enterprise C3 Module 1

Yr 10 BTEC Travel and Tourism Knowledge Organiser Unit 1 Module 1

Maths Y10 Foundation Unit 4

Maths Y10 Foundation Unit 5

Maths Y10 Foundation Unit 6

Maths Y10 Higher Unit 4

Maths Y10 Higher Unit 5

Maths Y10 Higher Unit 6

Yr10 M2 Combined 2021-22

Year 11

Year 11 HSC BTEC-Component 3 Module 1

Year 11 KOs Combined 2021-22

Yr 11 BTEC Tech in Enterprise C3 Module 1

Yr11 M2 Combined 2021-22