FutureMe Challenge – Competition open for entries!

16th June 2020

The FutureMe Challenge competition is open to all students across the North East in Years 9 – 13.

To submit an entry, young people are asked to use the two worksheets provided to record their storyboard and 5 key messages about higher education (the worksheets can be completed digitally, printed and photographed/scanned, or copied and filled in by hand).

The deadline for submitting entries is Friday 3rd July 2020. Young people should submit their completed entries by email to info@futureme.ac.uk and complete their online submission form (full details here).

Shortlisted entries will be professionally designed and turned into a comic strip! The overall winner will have their advert professionally produced by a local television company and shown on YouTube!

To help young people to design their storyboard, FutureMe are launching a series of supporting content on the FutureMe website addressing themes including: ‘Why Higher Education?’, ‘Student Finance’, and ‘Choice in Higher Education’. Further content on ‘Student Life’ and ‘Belonging in Higher Education’ will be released over the next two weeks.

Communication for Students – FutureMe Challenge

Storyboard worksheet PDF+Fields

FutureMe Challenge Brief 2020

Key facts worksheet PDF+Fields

Storyboard worksheet WORD

Key facts worksheet WORD