GCSE Personalised Revision Plan

9th March 2018

In preparation for the final GCSE examinations, our Year 11 students have been issued with a ten-week revision plan. The plan ensures that students spend an appropriate length of time preparing for the examinations, without being tempted to leave revision until the last minute.

The plan sets out work for the students to complete each night. Students are asked to revise three subjects per night, spending 30 minutes on each subject. Teachers will not set any additional homework for the duration of the plan.

It is important that students follow the revision plan in full as it has been designed to provide opportunities to revise the full specification for each subject area. We ask that students complete each task to the best of their ability and that they speak to their subject teachers or form tutor if they have any questions or concerns about the work set.

Thank you in advance for your support in preparing for the final examinations.