Non-uniform day

14th June 2018

A letter containing the following information about non-uniform day on Monday 18th June will be given to pupils in school today.

As you may be aware, we have recently suffered the tragic loss of Max Sowden, one of our much loved Year 11 students. Whilst this has undoubtedly been a very difficult time and one of deep sadness, it has also demonstrated the great strength of our school community.

We are supporting a successful fundraising campaign organised by the students which is donating to the ‘Young Lives’ charity. This is at the request of Max’s family, to continue to help young people who may need to access mental health care. The family have requested that part of the funds buy a new school bench for our prayer garden and any surplus donations will be given to the charity. We will be supporting this initiative as a whole school on Monday June 18th by holding a non-uniform day with a proposed donation of £1. We will also be holding additional fundraising events on this day.

Pupils may come into school wearing their own choice of clothing on this day and make up is also permitted. Whilst pupils do not have to wear uniform we would like to insist on grounds of modesty that they do not have an uncovered torso i.e. tops which do not come to waist length or wear items which are unacceptably short. If pupils have PE on this day they must have their full PE kit to be changed into and they should bring their equipment and planner as normal. If you have any further queries pertaining to this day, please contact the school via the Heads of House.

Thank you for your continued support.