Year 6 students

Welcome to the Year 6 students area!

Please read this letter, posted on 12th June: Letter to Yr 6 students from the Acting Headteacher of St. Wilfrid’s

Each week we will publish transition tasks for you to complete from all key departments in school. Attempting these tasks will give you a flavour of what life will be like here at St Wilfrids and help you feel like you are part of the school before you join us.

Transition materials Part 1

Meet some of your new teachers and staff at St. Wilfrid’s in the documents below and try to complete the tasks they have set you!

Meet the pastoral team

P.E at St. Wilfrids

Geography in Action at St.Wilfrids

Meet the St Wilfrids Science Team!

Transition materials Part 2

Fitting in without falling out

School Saints

A taste of English at St Wilfrids

Mathematical exploration challenges

Transition materials Part 3

Virtual intake evening 2020

Meet the St Wilfrids ICT and Business Team!

Year 6 Transition MFL


Transition materials Part 4

Once you receive your transition letter informing you of the house you have been placed in, then click on the relevant links below to find out about your house, your Head of House and your tutor. We look forward to welcoming you in September.

Meet The Year 7 Tutors

Cuthbert House

Hilda House

Margaret Clitherow House

Aidan House

Bede House