School punctuality

11th January 2019

As the New Year begins and we start another term, we would like to make you aware of one of the key priorities we will be focusing on this term, and what this will mean for you and your child.  This is school punctuality.

It is important that students arrive at school on time each day and are equipped for the day ahead.   When students arrive late and do not attend their morning registration session, they miss out on important information being shared.  Also when a student arrives late, it disrupts the entire class as the teacher must take time away from the group to explain what is going on in registration.

We know there will be occasions when students are late, but we need to ensure that this isn’t a regular occurrence, as persistent lateness can impact on your child’s overall attainment at school.  All students should be in school and should have arrived at their form room when registration begins at 8.45am.  If they are not in school to do this, then they must sign in at main reception when they arrive, stating their time of arrival and reason for being late.  While persistent lateness is only a problem for a minority of students, we would like to ensure all parents are aware of our weekly procedures to tackle punctuality issues.  These are as follows:

  • 1st late in the week – Student receives a debit and a code of conduct from their tutor
  • 2nd late in the week – Student will complete a 15 minute detention on that day
  • 3rd late in the week – Student will complete a 30 minute detention on that day
  • 4th late in the week – Student will complete a 45 minute detention on that day
  • 5th late in the week – Student will complete a 1 hour detention on that day

Thank you for taking the time to read this information which is also being sent home in a letter with all students today.  As you have been informed of these possible detentions in advance, there will be no phone call home by the Head of House if your child receives a detention.  We trust that you too value the importance of this.  Our aim is to ensure that our students receive the most from their education and time here as part of the St Wilfrid’s community, and that they leave us equipped with the behaviours and skills that employers will expect in the workplace.  We hope we can count on your ongoing support with this.