Key Stage 5 subjects

Information about all our Key Stage 5 subjects can be found by clicking on the link below:

Sixth form courses 2020-2021

Choosing the right course at sixth form is very important. Obviously, it is very important that you choose a course which is suited to your own individual needs and we are aware that this is not always as easy as it seems.

Bridging Units 2020

Step 1

  • What are your predicted GCSE grades?
  • Which subjects do I really enjoy?
  • Where will these subjects lead to?

Step 2

  • Consider your interests (there is a lot to be said for doing something you enjoy)
  • Consider your strengths and weaknesses (how do you learn best, do you perform best in exams or coursework, do you like writing essays?)
  • See individual subject pages for detail on assessment and course content.

Step 3

  • What qualifications do you need for career options?
  • What qualifications do you need for college or university courses?
  • It is vital that you research as thoroughly as possible the entry requirements for your chosen or possible career path.

Step 4

  • Make sure you take up all the advice and help offered by school over the coming months.
STW year 12 Options 2020
Option A Shared Option B Option C Option D Shared
Chemistry Biology Sport (Double) Geography
Philosophy and Ethics Spanish IT Psychology
English Literature Business Studies English Literature IT
Sport (Single) English Language Psychology Maths
Business Studies Physics Maths
Computer Science (STW) Engineering Biology
H and S Single(STJ) Art Applied Science (STJ)
French (STW or STJ) Chemistry H and S Double (STJ)
Sociology (STJ) History Photography (STJ)
Politics (STJ)
Law (STJ)
F Maths (STW or STJ)


A Level Biology

A Level Business

A Level Chemistry

A Level English Language

A Level English Literature

A Level Geography 2020

A Level Law 2020

A Level Photography Presentation

A Level Physics

A Level Politics 2020

A Level Religious Studies

A-Level French Presentation

BTEC Business Studies

BTEC Nationals in Sport

Computer Science

Engineering Subject Presentation

H_SC Assembly 2020

History A level Presentation

ICT – Cam Tech – Course Information

Introduction to A Level Art

Maths and Further Maths


Spanish A-level Presentation

Y11 Introduction to Sociology