Supporting your child child during exam time

5th February 2019

How can students manage their exam stress? One of the challenges as a parent is that exams are something your child has to do on their own. But you can support them by trying the following:

  • Have realistic expectations and don’t push them too hard
  • Be constructive and positive
  • Encourage good sleep patterns and eating habits
  • Provide a quiet space for them to study and prepare
  • Teach them the importance of study breaks
  • Encourage them to ask the teacher questions if they’re unsure
  • Help them know what to expect on the day of the exam
  • Help them be on time for the exam or arrive early
  • After the exam, listen to their concerns and avoid criticising them

For further information, why not have a look at: an online wellbeing website which was designed to keep your mind and body healthy and offers information on where to find help in Sunderland and South Tyneside if you need it. This website makes information and support available 24/7.