Yr.9 Retreats at The Emmaus Youth Village, Allensford, Consett

24th May 2016

Yr.9 students will be attending the retreat in tutor groups on the following dates/days:

Wednesday 6th/Thursday 7th July 9 Cuthbert 1, 9 Cuthbert 2 and 9 Bede Thursday 7th / Friday 8th July 9 Hilda 1, 9 Hilda 2 and 9 Aidan

There will be some outdoor activities and therefore students should wear appropriate clothing and footwear based on weather conditions at the time.

Students will need to provide their own towels and toiletries. Meals will be provided and there will be a tuck shop available where refreshments may be purchased. Students can bring mobile phones etc at their own risk. Students will be transported by coach to and from the Youth Village.

Pupils will leave school at 9am on the day of their retreat and arrive back at the school by 11:30 the following day. Students will not be required to wear uniform on the day of their retreat or when they return to school but must wear appropriate casual/smart clothing. Accommodation is in recently built Lodges with bedrooms for two –three people and ensuite facilities. Students can bring mobile phones etc at their own risk.

A short meeting for parents/guardians will take place in Nichols’ Hall at 5:45pm on Wednesday June 22nd