Staffing Structure

Mrs F Craik: Executive Headteacher

Mrs D Ritchie: Head of School

Mr M Price: Deputy Headteacher Pastoral

Mrs G Kilgour: Chair of Governors


Senior Leadership Team:

Senior Assistant Headteacher: Mr P Given
Senior Assistant Headteacher: Mrs R Maxwell
Assistant Headteacher & Head of Sixth Form: Mrs K Forster
Assistant Headteacher – Teaching and Learning: Miss H Tennet
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs C Collings-Backhouse
Assistant Headteacher: Mr L Mence
Assistant Headteacher: Mr B Windass


SEND Co-ordinator: Mr D Jackson
Assistant SEND Co-ordinator: Miss H King
Head of Aidan House: Mr J Manuel
Assistant Head of Aidan House: Miss A Stirling
Head of Bede House: Miss C Close
Assistant Head of Bede House: Miss J Scott
Head of Cuthbert House: Mrs E Tiffin
Assistant Head of Cuthbert House: Mr A Taylor
Head of Hilda House: Miss L Marshall
Assistant Head of Hilda House: Miss L Steven
Head of Margaret Clitherow House: Miss M Robson
Assistant Head of Margaret Clitherow House: Mr R Faulkner-Johnson

Sixth Form

Head of Year 12: Miss C Siedle
Head of Year 13: Mr T Allen

Heads of Department:

Mathematics: Miss H Tennet
English: Mrs C Vasey
Science: Miss E Vaughan
Chemistry: Miss E Vaughan
Biology: Miss N Russell
Physics: Mr R Parker
Geography: Mrs K Gray
History & Law: Miss I Goodall
Physical Education Boys: Mr P Riddle
Physical Education Girls: Mrs J Jensen
Religious Studies: Acting: Miss J Duffy
Modern Foreign Languages: Mrs C Barrett
Design & Technology (Co-Heads): Acting: Mr P Riddle / Mr J Stevens
Business Studies & IT: Mrs F McKenzie
Art: Miss E Careless
Psychology: Miss L Seeley
Health & Social Care: Mrs A Flannery


Staffing List (Alphabetical) 2022/23


Job Title


Mrs Francesca Craik Headteacher/Executive Headteacher of St Wilfrid’s
Mr Matthew Agar Lead Practitioner – Maths
Mr Tim Allen Head of Year 13 – Teacher of Maths
Mrs Claire Barrett Head of Department – MFL
Miss Joanne Batey Teacher of DT
Dr Rachel Bennett Teacher of History
Mr Jim Boyle Teacher of Maths
Mrs Katherine Burdon Teacher of Science
Miss Emily Careless Head of Department – Art
Miss Charlotte Chambers Teacher of RE
Miss Chloe Close Head of Bede House/Teacher of Science – Chemistry
Mr Cameron Coates Teacher of PE
Mrs Caroline Collings-Backhouse Assistant Headteacher Leadership of Whole School Literacy
Miss Julia Duffy Acting Head of Department – RE
Miss Eliza Dunn Teacher of Geography
Mrs Julienne Ellison Lead Practitioner – Maths
Mr Richard Faulkner-Johnson Assistant Head of Margaret Clitherow House/Teacher of Science
Mrs Angela Flannery Head of Department – Health & Social Care
Mrs Kate Forster Assistant Headteacher/Head of Sixth Form/Teacher of Biology
Miss Megan Fraser Teacher of Biology
Mr Paul Given Senior Assistant Headteacher – Teaching & Learning/Teacher of PE
Anna Godfrey Head of Spanish
Miss Imogen Goodall Head of Department – History & Law
Mr Phil Gordon Lead Teacher of Computer Science
Miss Phoebe Graham Teacher of English
Mrs Kayleigh Gray Head of Department – Geography & Sociology
Miss Emily Lau Teacher of Music
Mr Richard Hedgecock Teacher of History
Mr John Henderson Head of Department – ICT and Computing
Mrs Rebecca Higgin Teacher of Maths (Teach First Yr1)
Mr Dominic Hill Teacher of English
Mrs Maureen Holliman Lead Practitioner – Maths
Mr Andrew Jackson Lead Practitioner – Geography
Miss Ashleigh Jackson Lead Practitioner – English
Mr David Jackson SEND Co-Ordinator
Mrs Julie Jensen Second in PE
Mrs Nicola Johnson Head of Department – RE (currently on maternity leave)
Miss Amy Jones (Huitson) Teacher of Art
Miss Hannah King Assistant SEND Co-Ordinator
Mrs Nicola Lisgo Teacher of RE
Miss Isla Macdonald Teacher of Health and Social Care
Mr Jed Manuel Head of Aidan House/Teacher of PE
Miss Liz Marshall Head of Hilda House/Teacher of Geography
Mrs Victoria Masters Teacher of MFL
Mrs Rachel Maxwell Senior Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum)
Miss Anne McChesney Teacher of RE
Miss Rachel McGhie Teacher of PE
Mrs Faye McKenzie Head of Department – Business Studies
Mr Liam Mence Assistant Headteacher Raising Aspirations/Teacher of PE
Mrs Sariah Moore Teacher of English
Ms Rebecca Neale Lead Practitioner – KS5/RE
Miss Nel Newton Teacher of Science
Mrs Helen Nuttall Teacher of PE
Miss Rebecca Old Teacher of English
Mrs Kelly Osmond Teacher of Art
Mr Robert Parker Head of Physics – Acting Co- Head of Science
Mr Andrew Patterson Second in Maths
Mrs Alice Pickering Lead Practitioner – English
Mr Mark Price Deputy Headteacher/Pastoral
Ms Georgette Ratcliffe Teacher of English
Mrs Sally Riad Teacher of MFL
Mr Paul Riddle Head of Department PE & Acting Head of Technology
Mrs Denise Ritchie Head of School
Mr Sam Robinson Teacher of Maths
Miss Mia Robson Head of Margaret Clitherow House/Teacher of History
Miss Nicole Russell Head of Biology – Acting Co- Head of Science
Mrs Germaine Scott Teacher of Science
Miss Jenni Scott Assistant Head of Bede House/Teacher of Geography
Miss Leah Seeley Head of Psychology
Miss Francesca Shanks Teacher of English
Mrs Charlotte Siedle Head of Year 12 – Teacher of RE
Mr Connor Smith Cover Teacher
Mr Nick Smith Teacher of Mathematics
Miss Lauren Steven Teacher of ICT/ Assistant Head of Hilda House
Mr John Stevens Operational Lead of Technology
Miss Anne Stirling Assistant Head of Aidan House/Teacher of History
Miss Danielle Sutherland STEM Co-Ordinator/Teacher of Science
Mr Andrew Taylor Assistant Head of Cuthbert House/Teacher of PE
Mrs Rebecca Taylor Lead Practitioner – Science
Miss Hannah Tennet  Assistant Headteacher- Teaching and Learning
Mrs Louise Thompson Teacher of English
Mrs Emma Tiffin Head of Cuthbert House /Teacher of Maths
Mrs Joanna Tolan Head of Music
Miss Charlene Trotter Lead Practitioner – Science
Mrs Izaskun Santamarina Valcarce Teacher of MFL
Mrs Clare Vasey Head of Department – English
Miss Emma Vaughan Head of Department – Science
Mr Chris Ward Teacher of Mathematics/KS5 Co-ordinator – Maths (teaching commitments at St Joseph’s)
Mr Andrew Wilson Teacher of ICT & Business Studies
Mr Ben Windass Assistant Headteacher Data and Logistics
Mrs Faye Wood Teacher of History
Teaching Assistants
Miss Julie Allom Teaching Assistant
Miss Edweena Aninor Teaching Assistant
Miss Rachel Bolam Teaching Assistant
Miss Anya Coleman Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Mr Mark Peterka Teaching Assistant
Miss Neve Ramshaw Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Miss Morgan Wright Teaching Assistant
Support Staff
Mrs Rachel Younger Headteacher’s PA/Business Manager
Miss Stephanie Charman Attendance Officer
Miss Ashleigh Burrell Admin Assistant
Miss Sophie Fletcher Pastoral Officer
Mrs Karen Hillcoat Reprographics Technician
Miss Jo-Ann Jewitt First Aid Support Assistant
Mrs Gill Jones Senior Administrative Assistant
Mr Patrick Lowdon Design & Technology Technician
Mr Peter Munro Behaviour Support Manager
Mrs Claire Scott Data, Assessment & Exams Manager
Mr James Scott Assistant Site Manager
Mr Christopher Stout Science Technician
Mrs Kerri Tebble Clerical Assistant
Mrs Zoe Tuck Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Lynn Watson Senior Science Technician
Mr Mark Wood Site Manager
Catering Team
Mr Mike Petersen Chef
Mrs Christine Arthur Catering Assistant
Miss Julie Brown Catering Assistant
Miss Carole Cooke Catering Assistant
Mrs Ann Cooper Catering Assistant
Miss Chelsea Duke Catering Assistant
Mrs Leanne Elstob Catering Assistant
Mrs Amanda Forster Catering Assistant
Mrs Cathrin Harrison Catering Assistant
Miss Jenna Humphrey Catering Assistant
Mrs Kathleen Lascelles Catering Assistant
Mrs Janice McStea Catering Assistant
Mrs Maria Morton Catering Assistant
Mrs Deborah Petts Catering Assistant
Mrs Yvonne Watson Catering Assistant