Letters for Parents

January 2022:

Changes to COVID guidance

Parents of Y11 students

December 2021:

End of Autumn term

17.12.21. Warn and Inform Letter

16.12.21 Warn and Inform Letter

15.12.21 Warn and Inform

13.12.21 Warn and Inform Letter

10.12.21 End of term arrangements – December 21

10.12.21 Warn and Inform Letter

09.12.21 Warn and Inform Letter

08.12.21 Warn and Inform Letter

January testing consent and timetable

07.12.21 Warn and Inform Letter

06.12.21 Warn and Inform Letter

NEUCP Student Privacy Notice – 2021-22

November 2021:

30.11.21 Warn and Inform Letter

Letter from Chair of BCCET to St. Wilfrid’s parents

Y11 and Y13 letter

Warn and Inform 25.11.21

19.11.21 Warn and Inform Letter

17.11.21 Warn and Inform Letter

Preliminary examinations

Warn and Inform Letter 15.11.21

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Letter College Taster Day for Year 11 Students Letter Head

Year 11 Sixth Form Taster Day

09.11.21 Warn and Inform Letter

PE Kit Nov 1st

Year 7 Welcome Meeting Nov 2021

October 2021:

Public Health Letter 29.10.21

Letter to parents – extending covid-19 vaccination FINAL 22.10.21

21.10.21 Warn and Inform Letter

Pastoral Letter COP26 Secondary

20.10.21 Warn and Inform Letter

End of Half Term letter

Year 7 End of Half Term letter

Year 11 and 13 mocks letter

Year 9 19.10.21

9B2 18.10.21

18.10.21 Warn and Inform Letter

15.10.21 Warn and Inform Letter

Change to Parents Evening Letter 2021-2022

Year 10 13.10.21

12.10.21 Warn and Inform Letter

Sixth Form Open Evening

11.10.21 Warn and Inform Letter

08.10.21 Warn and Inform Letter

Year 11 Parent Evening

06.10.21 Warn and Inform Letter

04.10.21 Warn and Inform Letter

Year 7 Welcome Mass

September 2021:

Confirmation invitation

Letter to Candidates Parents 2021

Open evening change of timings Sept 21

Covid Vaccine Parents Leaflet

COVID-19 Vaccine

Y7 CAT testing

Year 12 Settling In and 4 Week Assessments

Covid testing at home

September return to school this week (Updated Mon 6th).

September return to school

Year 7 On Site Lateral Flow Testing

Y8-13 On Site Lateral Flow Testing

August 2021:


July 2021:


NCC letter 21.07.21

NCC Letter 15.07.21

Postponed Letter College Taster Day for Year 10 Students

Year 10 Sixth Form Taster Day

Internal Student Enrolment Day

NCC letter 13.07.21

Activities week 2021

NCC letter 12.07.21

NCC letter 07.07.21

NCC letter 05.07.21


Music Tuition:

Please see the letter below from our Music department if your child is interested in learning a  musical instrument.

New Starters Instrumental Lessons Pack July 2021 St. Wilfrid’s R.C. College

Year 10 Parents Evening – Tuesday 6th July:

A reminder to all parents of our upcoming Year 10 Parents Evening. The school day will end at 2:05pm for all students to enable Parents Evening to begin at 2:45pm.

The letter sent out to Year 10 parents can be found at the link below, along with details of how to make appointments with your child’s subject teachers.

Y10 parents evening 6th July

June 2021:

NCC letter 30.06.21

NCC letter 29.06.21

NCC Letter 28.06.21

Year 7 increased Covid cases

Year 7 Livestreaming Letter

Timings of the school day

COVID update

Y9 students to work from home

COVID update 21/6/2021

Y9 students to work from home

parents and carers (face coverings – June 2021)

Y11 PROM Letter 2021 – revised date

Y8 Parents Evening 22 June

Y13 PROM Letter 2021 Cancellation

May 2021:

College taster letter

Sixth form taster letter

STW 39441 Centre Policy 2021

Centre Policy flow chart

Year 13 Leavers Letter

Year 11 Leavers Celebration Letterhead

Mental Health Awareness Week – Nature – Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Roadmap Step 3

Y9 Science Options

April 2021:

Y13 Summer Assessments

Y11 Summer assessments

March 2021:

Parents Information Letter Summer Camp 2021

Teacher-marked assessments

Full return to school

Year 10 Lateral flow testing timings

KS5 Lateral flow testing Wednesday 3 March

Lateral flow testing

Y11 and Y13 Assessments

Lateral flow testing timetables

Letter Staggered Return to School March 2021

Coronavirus Risk Assessment March 2021

Covid-19 Student Protocols March 2021

Year 7 New Sets

Back to school

School Letter for Parent-Carer sessions

February 2021:

Y12 Parents Evening

Mental Health Week and Safer Internet Day Letter

Y7 Parents’ Day


January 2021:

Update letter – 26 January

Update Letter – 13 January

Parent Group

Zoom Guidance Document

Letter_ Livestreamed Lessons __ Jan 21.docx

Update regarding GCSE and A level examinations

Update following announcement of national lockdown

January 2021 Changes to the start of term letter

January 2021 Mass Testing in School

Covid Testing Privacy Notice

Letter to parents of Y11 and Y13 students


December 2020

Notification on INSET January 4th 2021

4th Jan 2021 return letter for Parents-Carers

November 2020


Trust Attendance Letter STW 26.11

Year 11 sixth form open evening