Raising Readers

All staff are committed to fostering a love of reading. Our Raising Readers literacy programme aims to ensure that all St Wilfrid’s students leave as effective communicators.

Reading opens doors for our students, and it is our aim for students to embrace every opportunity to become confident and fluent readers.

Through daily exposure to the St Wilfrid’s Canon, we embed positive reading habits for students across all key stages. In addition to our bespoke literary canon, we also create opportunities for students to experience Scholarly Reading: a curated collection of non-fiction and fiction texts that enhance subject specific knowledge and a broader understanding of the world around us.

It is essential that our students leave St Wilfrid’s as effective communicators. We want all St Wilfrid’s students to be effective communicators and as such, we regularly create opportunities for students to practise their oracy skills. Oracy based tasks are embedded across all subjects and form part of our assessment schedule. The skill of being able to read, write and communicate effectively, is a fundamental part of our school’s Catholic ethos: reading allows us to explore the world, opens our eyes to different life experiences and shapes who we are as people.

Reading is a skill that requires regular practise and for those students that require additional support to gain reading fluency, we offer a bespoke reading intervention pathway. Our Raising Readers literacy programme matches students to an appropriate intervention. Our intervention pathway includes: specific in-class phonics support, Soundswrite Phonics groups, use of LEXIA where appropriate for the student and small adult-led reading groups.

The St Wilfrid’s Reading Canon

We value reading at St Wilfrid’s and have dedicated time set aside for reading as part of our school day. During Reading Time, students read with their tutors a selection of texts from our bespoke Reading Canon. Our Reading Canon has been designed to foster a love of reading for our students. The texts come from a range of genres, time periods and authors with a combination of classics, non-fiction and more modern texts written specifically for a young adult readership. The texts selected are designed to encourage discussion of the protected characteristics, British values and links to our curriculum.