Curriculum Overarching Intent

The intent of the curriculum is to build on what the students can do already and produce students with high levels of mathematical fluency and reasoning skills. The curriculum is clear on what the students need to be able to do at the end of each unit, module, year and key stage. The curriculum is sequenced clearly so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught previously, we will use a detailed baseline assessment in each year group to assess the strengths and areas for development of each student. The curriculum will be amended accordingly so that each class will be following their own bespoke scheme of learning, the curriculum will be continually reviewed throughout the year. We will also address gaps in the student’s knowledge and real life skills; many of our students don’t have bank accounts so weren’t familiar with GCSE questions where terms such as credit and debit are used. We found similar challenges on questions involving booking holidays, reading timetables and more. This content will be embedded into our curriculum, the curriculum will also work alongside other subjects where there are transferrable knowledge and skills, for example when and how we teach drawing and interpreting graphs must draw parallels with science.

Maths Curriculum Overview & Progression Model