Curriculum Overarching Intent

At St Wilfrid’s we believe in an inclusive and stretching approach to teaching. Pupils who have identified SEND needs are, as per the Code of Practice 2015, entitled to “inclusive education of disabled children and young people and the progressive removal of barriers to learning and participation in mainstream education” (SEND Code of Practice, 2015, p.25).

As a school we are committed to providing the very best education for all of our pupils, no matter their needs and we work to make adjustments to our own practice to enable the pupils to have access to an education within a mainstream setting.

Within this there are three waves of support within our school. This is a fluid system of education, that enables pupils to move from each strand without any significant impact upon their education, but which will increase of decrease the amount of support that is provided.

We are also committed to making sure that all statutory duties and expectations within EHCPs are met and we work with external agencies and professionals to ensure joined up thinking, enabling pupils to work towards their stretching, yet achievable outcomes.

SEND Curriculum Overview & Progression Model