Catholic Ethos

All children are taught the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and are obliged to say prayers and attend worship to conform with Catholic doctrine.

As the teaching of the Church can be referred to in most subjects, it would prove impossible to withdraw a child from certain lessons without having a detrimental effect on that student’s education.

Our religious ‘programme’ includes morning and end of day prayers, House assemblies take place on a weekly basis. Students in Year 7 and 12 are expected to attend retreats at the Emmaus Youth Village. We have a welcome Mass for Year 7 and a wholes school Mass on the feast of St. Wilfrid. An annual Carol Service also takes place during Advent and a Holy Week Service during Easter. We have a voluntary Mass each week on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 12.10pm or 1.10pm. A Spirituality module for both KS3 and KS4 students is an important part of the PHSE programme.

Our students and staff are encouraged to support local and national charities throughout the year.

Calendar of Saints  

Summary Table 2017/18

St Wilfrid  – 12th October 2017

All Saints   –  1st November 2017

All Souls  – 2nd November 2017

St Hilda  – 17th November 2017

First Sunday of Advent   –  3rd December 2017

Epiphany – 7th January 2018

Ash Wednesday – 14th February 2018

St Cuthbert – 20th March 2018

St Margaret Clitherow – 20th March 2018

Easter Sunday  – 1st April 2018

Ascension Sunday – 13th May 2018

Pentecost – 20th May 2018

St Bede the Venerable – 25th May 2018

The Body and Blood of Christ – 3rd June 2018

St Columba –  9th June 2018

St Peter & St Paul – 29th June 2018

The Assumption – 15th August 2018

St Aidan and Saints of Lindisfarne – 31st August 2018