World Challenge

World Challenge offers young people the chance to explore the world and experience different cultures, developing valuable life skills.

It is renowned for creating the very best bespoke adventure expeditions to over 50 destinations across the world, with unrivalled levels of safety and service.

Through itinerary planning, training expeditions, fundraising and fitness activities, students are encouraged to develop the skills they will need on expedition such as communication, teamwork and organisation. Trips are tailored and cover a diverse range of environments, from the plains of Mongolia to the Amazon Rainforest, the deserts of Africa to the Cambodian jungle. It provides extensive back-up for teams on expedition, with a 24-hr Operations Centre, reliable satellite communications, medical provision and comprehensive insurance.

The trip will test your capabilities with physically arduous treks and adventure activities, develop a sense of global citizenship through rewarding project work and broaden their horizons at unforgettable remote locations and cultural sites.