Exam Invigilator

Closing Date: 1 Mar 2019 (Vacancy Closed)

Salary: £8.75 per hour

Working hours will be variable depending on examination requirements.

Please return completed application form with supporting documentation: Recruitment Monitoring Form, Rehab of Offenders Form and CES Application Declaration Form

Closing date has been extended to 9am Friday 1st February 2019

Exam Invigilator January 2019

Exam Invigilator JD Jan 2019

Invigilator PS Jan 2019

Applicants Declaration 29.5.18

Model Equality Act 29.5.18

National Standards Career Stage Expectations

Notes to Applicants 29.5.18

Recruitment Monitoring Form 29.5.18

Rehab of Offenders Form 29.5.18

Support Staff Application Form 29.5.18 (2)

Privacy Notice 11.9.18

Academy Support Staff Contract 6.9.18

This vacancy is now closed.