Year 12 students will take part in an Enrichment Programme. They have a range of options which they choose to participate in over the course of the year tailored to their core aims.


Year 12 New York 2023


Typical types of activity (but not limited to) are listed below:-

Community Placement: an opportunity to complete a placement of your choice at a local primary school, in-class support or at Help the Aged.

RE: students complete a certified course in RE that develops their moral and ethical awareness of the world in which they live. This is a national requirement of Post – 16 educations.

Sport: a chance to get fit and look after your mental health using the school’s own fantastic sports hall and Temple Park Leisure Centre.

Culture: an opportunity to visit local galleries, museums and explore other cultures.

Peer Mentor: a chance to receive top quality training and guidance to become a Peer Mentor for pupils in school.

MOOC’s: MOOCs don’t always lead to formal qualifications, but they do mean you can gain knowledge in all sorts of areas – whether you want to support your career or you’re exploring personal interests.

Sixth Form Committee: The Sixth Form committee is an essential link between students and staff. It ensures that the ideas, opinions and concerns of students are known and taken into account. It also recognises that students have a right to be actively involved in decisions that affect them. The committee consists of elected representatives from each tutor group in year 12 and 13. Members of the committee represent the views of their form and can raise matters of concern, or suggestions for improvement about any aspects of life in the Sixth Form. Members of the committee take responsibility for different departments, such as charity, social events, mental health, enrichment and culture. We are looking forward to welcoming more students to join the committee!

At the same time students will be encouraged to get involved with a range of enrichment activities throughout the school year.