Business Studies

BTEC First Business

This vocational qualification consists of four units which will help prepare students for virtually any career by equipping students with financial skills, organisational ability, marketing knowledge and the ability to present their ideas clearly.  The principles of business underpin every shop, office and organisation in the UK economy, meaning students will have the skills and knowledge that will be valued by employers in every sector. In addition, a BTEC First qualification can help students to progress to the next level of study.

Unit 1: Enterprise in The Business World: In this unit students will investigate how the current business environment and trends may impact on the current business environment, they will have the opportunity to plan an idea for a new business in their local area and present a business model for a business start-up.

Unit 2: Finance for business:  This unit helps students to understand the costs involved in business and investigate how businesses make a profit.  Students will explore how businesses plan for success and learn how to produce and analyse financial documents produced by businesses.

Unit 3:  Promoting A Brand:  This unit gives students the opportunity to produce an original campaign for a brand.   Students will explore the use of branding and promotional mix in business, and develop and promote a brand for business.


BTEC First Travel and Tourism

Throughout this course, students will study four units, whereby students will explore the key components of the travel and tourism industry   This course will inspire and enthuse learners to consider a career in the travel and tourism sector, give learners the opportunity to gain broad knowledge and understanding of, and develop skills in, the travel and tourism sector.  Furthermore, it will support progression to a more specialised level 3 vocational qualification such as the Pearson BTEC Level 3 National in Travel and Tourism, or an academic course such as GCE in Travel and Tourism, or a BTEC Apprenticeship in Travel Services. This course gives learners the potential opportunity, in due course, to enter employment within a wide range of posts across the travel and tourism sector, for example in travel agencies, visitor attractions and accommodation.

Students will study the following units;

Unit 1:  The UK Travel and Tourism Industry:  In the unit students will learn all about how travel and tourism is one of the UK’s largest sector and understand its importance to the UK economy.  They will learn about the industries and key organisations within the travel and tourism sector.

Unit 2:   The UK Travel and Tourism Industry: Students will explore a range of UK and overseas destinations.  Students will study how tourists can travel to a range of destination types.  Students will demonstrate their knowledge of a wide range of destination types. This is an externally assessed unit.

Unit 4:  International Travel and Tourism Destinations: Students will explore and carry out research on a range of key international destinations that are of interest to tourists. Students will explore how international destinations appeal to a wide range of visitors.

Unit 6:  The Travel and Tourism Customer Experience: In this unit students will investigate travel and tourism customer service, explore the needs and expectations of different types of customer in the travel and tourism sector and understand the importance of customer service to travel and tourism organisations.